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The Most Talked About Band in Atlanta...Serene.*
By Max Smith

Serene is here and here to STAY!  Groupies and new recruits flocked to CJ's Wednesday night (02.12.03) to witness Serene perform.

The four band members Todd Rose, Steve Douglas, Mike Buffa, and Kevin Maguire have great chemistry with each other...and it shows!  Positive attitude lingered throughout the venue.

I was on the front row with a handful of friends.  They had never heard the band perform and I knew Serene would rock the house...my friends would be hooked.  Three songs into the concert, Brandy (one of our friends) tapped me on the shoulder.  She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and her eyebrows up and said, "Oh my gosh!  I am so glad you invited us to this...They are amazing!"  The rest of the concert I had a permanent smile tattooed on my face.  I caught myself giving high-fives to total strangers and thinking to myself, "how awesome they sounded!"  

If you haven't had the chance to see this band perform live, you definitely want to!  Keep up-to-date with the band, listen to their music, download wallpapers, and much more through their new Web site at

About Serene 
Having their sound referred to as a mix of Incubus and Staind meets Smashing Pumpkins, Serene has only just begun a journey into the vibrant world of Rock music.

In the fall of 2002 the band Serene was formed and exploded on the Atlanta music scene. The group's rhythmic yet high-energy rock sound combines the talents of four individuals and four diverse musical backgrounds, representing an extraordinary convergence of influences.

Drummer Todd Rose provides the foundation for Serene's back beat and solid rhythmic style. Todd brings to the band the greatest versatility of influences having played with everything from wrenching guitar metal bands to modern acoustic pop.

The other half of the rhythm section is filled with the bass techniques of Steve Douglas, whose years of stage experience and "in the pocket" playing gives Serene the solid foundation their music is built on.

Mike Buffa drives melodic heart-thumping guitar rhythms that are fortified with airtight riffs of energy. A veteran of the southeast music scene, Mike has played in various original and cover bands over the years, providing diverse leads and haunting melodies to Serene.

Frontman Kevin Maguire completes the band Serene with solid rhythm guitar and a diverse vocal range, giving the band a unique melodic and "catchy" sound. Having jammed with various bands, as well as solo acoustic performances over the years, Kevin takes the heavy rock sound of Serene to a new and refreshing level.

Serene is building their musical library of songs and preparing to record their debut CD early 2003. In the meantime, the group plans to extensively tour the southeast and build support for its promotional products an upcoming CD.

*quote by armada Magazine.


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