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Meet, Drink and Be Merry
By Lindsay Rinehart
Photos by 3 Things Productions

What's better than a networking event full of good contacts and interesting people?  Answer:  A networking party full of good contacts, interesting and appealing people, a posh venue, sweet music, and delicious drinks.  All this wrapped up in one big shindig called a Netparty. These networking events are popping up in numerous cities around the country and were recently introduced to Atlanta in June 2003 with over 500 in attendance.  Hosted by Eleven50's Eden the evening is the epitome of schmoozing, socializing and meeting an exceptional group of Atlanta's twenty and thirty-something professionals. 

One interesting method of organization is the unique nametag system.  Each tag color represents the industry an individual works in therefore you can target people that could benefit you with job leads or what not.   Netparty doesn't fool around, they mean business!  The advantage Netparty holds compared to other social functions is the vast array of people and industries represented.  From sales, to IT, Entertainment and medical, anyone to everyone has a reason to attend this fine party.

Not only is the Netparty the "Mack Daddy," if you will, of all networking parties, but it is full of good-looking people and yet another reason to start drinking after work with friends.  If anything you enjoy a happy hour in Midtown and walk away with a pocket full of new business/personal contacts. 

For information on upcoming Netparty's in the Atlanta area, keep posted with armada Magazine or visit to register for the next event.  Admission is free for first time attendees and the crowd keeps getting bigger and better!

Pictures from the last event,
Part I, Part II, and Part III

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